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Globalization and Technology Essay -- Globalization Essays

Date Created Other Date degree. Subject Global Affairs , Globalization , Technological innovations , Industrial productivity--Effect of technological innovations on. Extent ix, p. Description Globalization is a key variable associated with technological change. This dissertation examines not only the correlation between globalization and innovation, but also the interacting effect of globalization with firm-specific variables on innovation and performance.

We argue that this group of countries is systematically different from the others who have been innovative, and that non-innovative countries need to possess a minimum level of ability and incentive in order to progress. Globalization is a product of the postmodern era, the transition from the industrial to the post-industrial stage of economic development, the formation of the fundamentals of the modern civilization. Globalization of economic life is the process of formation of a holistic world economy based on the development of extensive economic ties between firms, countries, and regions.

Although globalization accelerates the development of humanity and is its consequence, it is a complex process that needs to be adapted and which creates a number of serious problems and difficulties. Such a rapid pace of change can be threatening, and most countries try to control or manage them. The main consequence of globalization is the world division of labor, migration and, as a rule, concentration across the planet of capital, production resources, standardization of legislation, economic and technological processes, and the convergence and fusion of cultures between several countries. This is a kind of systemic process. It means that it covers all spheres of society. There is an increase in the number of problems common to a group of states, as well as an increase in the number and types of integrating entities. Views on the origins of globalization are debatable.

Historians consider it as one of the stages of the of capitalist development.

Globalization and Information Technology

Economists are counting on the trans-nationalization of financial markets. Political scientists focus on the spread of democratic organizations.

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Cultural researchers explore globalization in a context of Westernization of culture, including American economic expansion. There are some different informational and technological approaches to explaining the processes of globalization. Political and economic globalization is different. As a subject of it is the regionalization, which gives a powerful cumulative effect of the formation of the world's poles of economic and technological development.