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Can trust. The facts are turned into lies, and then these lies are disseminated as truths. The public memory is being manipulated with new information that further alienate the people from reality. Another theme of is the subversion of love and feelings. It means that the people are taught not to love, and to curb their feelings or any passions of love.

This has led to his failed marriage with Katherine and his rebellion by loving Julia and thus engaging with her intimately. The memory of his mother realizes Winston about the love of parents from which the Party has deprived him. Totalitarian governments often adopt strategies that make people lose identities and independence so that the citizen will not question the supremacy of the governing class.

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Thus, proving that totalitarianism, which is one of its major themes in the novel has ripped people of their own personality. The uniformity in food, clothes and what the people hear and absorb in shows that the Party and its supposed head, Big Brother, are engaged in erasing the individualities and identities. He explains Winston Smith that he is the last man on earth if he is harboring rebellious thoughts.

This is an example of how individuality and identity are not tolerated in totalitarian regimes. Political loyalty is another overarching theme that pervades It is present from the beginning to the end of the novel. Winston Smith is a loyal employee, yet he harbors thoughts against the Party and questions most of the information he is asked to feed. However, loyalty in Oceania does not expect only work dedication; they want every person to become loyal to the point of submissiveness with unconditional obedience.

He senses rebellion in Winston Smith and befriends him, then hands him over to the police to brainwash him. He warns Winston that it is the Party whose perspective will prevail what he might do or not do. This is the loyalty that the omnipresent Big Brother wants from the people.


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Another pervasive theme of the novel is the class system. It means Oceania is divided into different classes. There is Inner Party that is considered the elite class, having servants and luxury lifestyle. The ordinary members like Winston Smith, on the other hand, live in state-run small apartments with no permission to enjoy conjugal or familial lives. The poor are living in the no-go area with constant propaganda to feed them with lies and program their minds to believe them as truths. In the state of Oceania, there is a single party system where only the Party rules with its leader, Big Brother.

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It broadcasts, manages and distributes information and control the people.