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Besides this, they should be aware of their rights and duties being as rational human beings. Choice, information, safety and right to be heard were recognized. The U. Also adopted in the year , certain guidelines to achieve the objectives of maintaining protection for consumers and to establish a high-level of ethical conduct for those engaged in the production and distribution of goods and services. Consumer awareness means awareness of consumers in different aspects of consumption activities. Consumer awareness is a broader and wider concept. It covers the followings :.

Consumer exploitation is a type of exploitation in which the consumers are exploited or cheated by the business community in terms of poor quality of product, underweight, under-measurement, duplicate articles etc. Some of the common ways by which the consumers are exploited by the business community are as follows:.

The following are the factors that cause the exploitation of consumers:. The following are the rights of the consumers as coded in the Indian laws, which the business community has to keep in mind:. In order to secure rights, consumers have to fulfill the following duties:. In order to protect the interest of the consumers, the government has adopted three strategies:.

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Administrative measures of the government include the distribution of essential commodities through Public Distribution System PDS. PDS is a system through which the government distributes some essential commodities at a reasonable price through the Fair Price Shop. In a free market economy, the price of a commodity is determined in the market through the free play of demand and supply.

Equilibrium price is that price at which demand and supply of the commodity are equal to each other i.

Impact of Consumer Awareness, Knowledge, and Attitudes on Organic Rice Purchasing Behavior in China

But sometimes government interferes in the market systems by fixing the price lower than the equilibrium price, to protect the interest of the consumers belonging to the lower strata of the society. This price is known as Control Price. When the government fixes price lower than the equilibrium price, demand exceeds supply, which leads to black-marketing and hoarding.

To check these government sales different commodities at different FPS at control price. Technical measures consist of Standardization of the product. One of the important measures taken by the government to protect the consumers is the creation of institutions for setting up the standards for making and producing various products and enforcing them. While BIS caters to the industrial and consumer goods while Agmark is meant for the agricultural products.

The Bureau of Indian Standards, earlier known as the Indian Standards Institution ISI , whose headquarter is located at Delhi, has the responsibility of lying down the standards for industrial and consumer goods on a scientific basis and certifying the goods that meet the standards and the prescribed quality.

Products such as honey, masala etc, carry such marks.

Critical Overview on Role of Media and Mediation in Consumer Protection

At the international level, an institution called International Organization for Standardization ISI , established in located at Geneva, serves to provide such a common reference standard. It develops food standards, guidelines and codes for production and international trade in food products like milk, fish etc. Legislative measures include enactment of Consumer Protection Act, The Government enacted a specific law called the Consumer Protection Act, The Act provides for the establishment of consumer disputes redressal agencies at District, State and National level for the protection of consumer interests and to redress their grievances in a speedy, simple and inexpensive manner.

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The Act has led to the setting up separate Department of Consumer Affairs in Central and State Government, which focus exclusively on the rights of the consumers, as enshrined in the Act. The industrial revolution and the development in the international trade and commerce has led to the vast expansion of business and trade, as a result of which variety of consumer goods have appeared in the market to cater the needs of the consumers and a host of services have been made available to the consumers like insurance, transport etc.

The advertisement of goods and services in T. V and other media influence the demand of same by the consumers, though there may be manufacturing defects or shortcomings in quality and purity of products or deficiency in services rendered. The Bill was passed by both Houses of Parliament and got the assent of the President on 24 December , popularly known as the Consumer Protection Act of The Act of , seeks to provide better protection to the interests of the consumers and for the purpose that there is Consumer Councils and other authorities for the settlement of consumer disputes and for matter connected therewith.

To provide quick redressal of consumer disputes, a quasi-judicial institution is set up at all the three levels. These bodies have been empowered to give relief of a specific nature and to award, wherever appropriate, compensation to the consumers. Penalties of non-compliance of the orders given by the quasi-judicial bodies have also been provided. Money order not delivered in time to the concerned person is a case f deficiency in service of worst category. If this would be the normal act of the Post Office and the office, which belong to the Union Government, no one would have faith in services rendered by them.

The telephone line was disconnected even if the bill was paid. Proceeding before District Forum, Telecom Department made an apology for the mistake occurred inadvertently. But, in spite of apology, an amount of Rs. Data collected by the investigator for his own purpose, for the first time, from beginning to end is called primary data.

Global Consumer Awareness Study

When data collected by the others are used by others for their use or investigation then it is known as secondary data. The total number of households selected for the project is These household has been selected by the sampling method. There are two statistical inquiry methods:.

Census method is that method in which data are collected covering every item of the universe or population relating to the problem under investigation.

The sampling method is that method in which data are collected about samples or a group of items taken from the population. There are different types of sampling techniques such as random sampling, quota sampling, stratified sampling, deliberate sampling etc. But for the project concerned deliberate sampling method is used.

This is also called judgment sampling. According to this method, for selecting a sample no specific procedure is used, rather the investigator, according to his own desire selects those households which represent the universe fully. For analysis of data simple percentage method and arithmetic average is used.

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